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writer's block

Who is your favorite celebrity right now?
Darren Criss

My life: tv-shows

So, I couldn't fall asleep last night. Partly because I was a little bit nervous because we would learn to dissect an animal the next day at college, but mostly because I started to think about different stuff and couldn't stop it. So I decided to think about something else and I chose tv-shows that I watch at the moment. After a while I decided to wrote my thoughts down and try if that would make me sleepy.
And because I wrote them down I thought I could upload them here. So here they are:

1. SupernaturalCollapse )
2. Big Wolf on CampusCollapse )
3. The vampire diariesCollapse )
4. PsychCollapse )
5. Happy EndingsCollapse )
6. GleeCollapse )
7. White collarCollapse )

writer's block

What’s your favorite show on television?
My absolute favorite is Supernatural. I also love Vampire Diaries, Glee and Psych.

Drawing: Sid & Geoff

Actually I should learn for my exams or do other stuff for college, but thats really boring. So I started to draw again and this are the pics that came out of it. Sid and Geoff Peterson of the Late late show with Craig Ferguson :D